Four Basic Components to Achieving any Goal


Every client, prior to seeking professional coaching, have concluded something needed to change.  And while each individual has some idea of the results they would like to see, some may lack the tools to get there. 

Witnessing clients manifest their goals through prayer, hard work and determination is nothing short of delightful. These principles work for everyone, but they won’t work in the same way for everyone. Meaning you are responsible for creating your own results! These four basic components will help get you well on your way to manifesting your goals.

1.       Set Goal(s):

a.       First determine what is the client’s objective and what influenced their decision to pursue professional coaching. In other words, what are their expectations?

b.       Through a series of proven open-ended questions and brainstorming tools, I help my clients taper their goal into bite sized, achievable steps.  

c.       Making it tangible and measurable – that way they can identify their success once they arrive. Note: Goals are only measurable if a tangible target is set! 

2.       Identify Obstacles and Pitfalls:

a.       Before we take off down the runway towards the intended destination, it is essential that we know what possible obstacles might be up ahead.  Therefore, we ask the following questions:  

                                                               i.      Is this a goal the client is able to achieve?

                                                             ii.      Have they ever attempted to accomplish this goal any other time in their life?

                                                           iii.      If so, what impeded their progress?

                                                           iv.      Why is now the right time, what’s different?

b.       The client takes an honest and courageous look at what he or she should do differently to maximize the likelihood of success.

c.       Discuss what other pitfalls might we anticipate as we start this journey. 

3.       Plan of Action:

a.       Determine the best course of action.

b.       Work through a suitable action plan on a disciplined schedule; whether daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.

c.       My job is to hold every client accountable to their commitment to achieve their goal. After all, that is why you pay me!

d.       Proving their discipline and perseverance to their growth and success.

4.       Execute the Plan:

a.       This is where we put the “action” in action plan – actively pursuing the desired results.

b.       Identify the wins along the way – I frequently pause with my clients at certain intervals and acknowledge their growth. It helps create a sense of accomplishment and encourages their follow through.

c.       Make any necessary adjustments.

d.       Results – a tangible manifestation of the desired goals.

At Coach4Life, LLC we focus our efforts on helping every client manifest their relationship goals. Whether your goal is to attract healthy relationships, get unstuck and start enjoying your marriage again, or learn more about each other before marriage; these components will work for you. Take the first step and make the investment needed to get you on the path to a healthier relationship.  Schedule your complimentary session to get you on your way to manifesting the relationship goals you have put off for way too long. 

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